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Make a difference in someone's life.....VOLUNTEER!!

Therapeutic horseback riding uses:

  • the warmth and movement of the horse to stretch and strengthen muscles
  • the motivation that comes with a fun activity to encourage concentration and decision-making
  • the relationship with the horse and volunteers to improve communication skills and boost self-esteem in children and adults with disabilities

Volunteers help riders by:

  • leading horses or walking beside riders during lessons to give encouragement or physical support if needed.
  • you don't need any special experience with horses or people with special needs,
    we'll train you!

Volunteers have as much fun as riders when they:

  • commit to one or two classes per week for a session (twelve weeks)
  • participate in weekday, evening or Saturday morning classes
  • carpool with other volunteers
  • fulfill volunteer hour requirements for academic programs

We also rely on volunteers for:

  • Lawn mowing and weed eating. All of the mowing is done on a riding lawnmower, get a tan and help us out!
  • Sprucing up - planting flowers, painting and cleaning
  • Special events - Horse shows, fundraising events, etc.
  • Hay - help us out for a few hours putting up our hay

How to Become a Volunteer

  • Step One:  Decide how you'd like to get involved. Are you interested in volunteering in the regular therapeutic riding lessons (evenings and Saturday mornings)? Are you interested in becoming a board member/fundraising? Would you be willing to help out around the facility? Or does your schedule work best for becoming a "sub" or special events volunteer?
  • Step Two:  Decide how much time you'd be willing to commit to our program. What does your schedule allow?
  • Step Four: Mail your form to PO Box 153, Oregon WI 53575
  • Step Five:  Three Gaits will contact you to set up a tour or a time for you to start volunteering. If possible, check the website for upcoming volunteer training dates and register for a training session.

Contact the Executive Director, Dena Duncan, at (608) 877-9086 or 3gaits@3gaits.org with any questions about volunteering.


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