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Three volunteers assisting a riderVolunteer Learning Events

New in 2019, Three Gaits is excited to offer Volunteer Learning Events (or VLE's) to new and returning volunteers.

These events will offer opportunities for volunteers to practice skills outside of lessons and learn more about different topics relating to our program.

Each VLE will be led by an Instructor and/or Therapist on staff. Please dress for the weather. We hope you can join us!

Example VLE Topics:

  • Being the Leader
    Practice hands-on skills with the horses. Specifically we'll be addressing how to lead horses safely & effectively. This will be a great chance to practice leading some of our more challenging horses and gain confidence.
  • Sidewalkers: Understanding the sensory input riders receive
    Better understand what the horse does for a rider from a therapy perspective. Staff will use their experience as a Physical Therapist and PATH Instructor to help participants understand sensory input and how sidewalkers can better help riders.
  • How to Stretch Horses
    Practice hands-on skills with the horses. Much like human athletes, horses benefit from stretches before exercise. You'll learn how to do some of the common stretches we can do for horses, as well as which members of our school horse herd need specific stretches. Our hope is that you'll be able to use this knowledge to help with pre-lesson warm-ups with our herd.
  • Mock Lesson
    Practice hands-on skills with the horses before lessons begin. The main focus will be leading/sidewalking in the arena, though some time may be spent in the barn as well. New volunteers will be given an idea of what to expect in lessons, and help returning volunteer troubleshoot any issues they may have experienced.
  • Reading Horse Body Language
    Practice hands-on skills with the horses. Specifically we'll be addressing how to read and interpret ways that horses react to different situations. This will be a great chance to observe horse behavior, learn how to tune in to the way horses communicate, and discuss how we can respond to the cues they are giving us.
  • How to Turn-in Horses & Close the Barn
    Practice hands-on skills with the horses. We'll teach you how to do chores - including filling water, feeding hay & grain, and leading & running in horses. Specifically we'll talk about what happens at turn-in & closing chores. We're always looking for more help with chores and would love to train more people who might be willing to join our chore schedule!
  • Tacking & Bridling
    Practice hands-on skills with the horses. Specifically we'll be addressing how to safely and effectively put saddles, bareback pads, and bridles on horses.

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