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Program Information

Path International

Three Gaits is a Premier Accredited Center of PATH International

Three Gaits Annual Report
Printed copies of the annual report are available upon request

Programs Offered

Three Gaits is pleased to be able to offer participants the following equine-assisted programming options:

  1. Therapeutic Riding (Sport/Recreational) - Incorporates education, competition, therapy and recreation into horseback riding.
  2. Hippotherapy - A therapist uses the movement of the horse as a treatment tool, working toward functional goals.
  3. Unmounted Activities - To learn about horse care and horsemanship skills from the ground.

Please contact Three Gaits to schedule an assessment to determine which program may best suit your needs.

Program Fees

Due to the continually rising costs of maintaining our programs, we have had to raise our fees for 2019 for the first time in 10 years:

  • Assessment:
    One-time fee required for ALL new clients $40. We reserve the right to ask for an additional assessment for clients who have taken a hiatus from our program and wish to return.

  • Therapeutic Riding:
    12 week, 30 minute classes $360
    12 week, 45 minute classes $450
    12 week, 60 minute classes $510

  • Hippotherapy:
    10 week, 30 minute sessions $850
    10 week, 45 minute sessions $1,050

  • Unmounted Activities:
    12 week, 30 minute sessions $360

Financial Assistance

Limited funds have been donated to assist in cases of financial need. Students may apply for assistance by contacting the office or by submitting a letter of request prior to the desired registration deadline. The letter is to include the amount the student is able to pay and the amount of assistance requested.

Absence Policy

Consideration for Three Gaits volunteers and staff is appreciated. Students are asked to call the office at (608) 877-9086 as soon as possible if you know you will miss class.

Refund Policy

Refunds or credits of lesson fees are available only under the following circumstances:

  1. If a student must withdraw for medical reasons, a physician's statement is required
  2. If a cancellation is initiated by Three Gaits.

Cancellation by Three Gaits

The safety and good health of students and horses are the most important concerns of Three Gaits. Class will not be held during the following conditions:

  1. Temperature extremes
  2. High winds
  3. Thunderstorms or tornado warnings or storms

Students are asked to phone the office at (608) 877-9086 if weather is uncertain. If classes are cancelled, there will be a message on the machine two hours before class.

Clothing Requirements

  • A safety helmet (ATSM-SEI approved) must be worn and is provided.
  • Long pants such as blue jeans, stirrup pants or riding pants.
  • Protective sun screen, sun glasses and insect repellant as needed.
  • Shoes with sturdy heels (oxfords, riding boots) or non-slip soles are recommended.
  • No sandals, crocs, clogs, open-toed or open-heeled shoes.


For clients new to Three Gaits:

For returning clients:

In addition to the forms above, hippotherapy clients must also provide the following form:

Forms are offered as a computer fillable PDF.  Please print, sign (with a pen) and send to Three Gaits as appropriate.


Contact Interim Executive Director, Mary Ann Roth or Office Administrator, Melissa Lawrence at (608) 877-9086.


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