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BeauJune 2018:  Three Gaits has been incredibly fortunate to have had some amazing horses over the past 35 years. They've taught lessons--to their riders, the volunteers, and even our staff--sometimes planned, other times lessons we didn't expect.

On June 26th we said goodbye to one of the really special horses--the kind that we hope to find when we're looking for prospective program horses--because we knew it was best for him. It was time for us to show that we had learned from him to be generous and unselfish.

Katie and Dena were able to be with Beau prior to our veterinarian's arrival. He was able to eat all the lush green grass he could and sniff noses with his good buddy, Darren. Dr. Judy arrived and sedated Beau, and he continued to eat. As we were standing in the grass, Dr. Judy found a four-leaf clover. She fed it to Beau, with a kind word saying that it was for good luck on his journey.

Beau's passing was gentle, fast, and incredibly peaceful. He passed under the trees between rain showers. While difficult (because selfishly we want him to still be here), it was the right choice for this generous, quirky, lovable friend.

Thanks, Beau, for being such a big part of Three Gaits. Thanks also to Beau's circle of friends, from the fantastic veterinarians at Country View Equine Clinic (Drs. Judy Batker, Stephanie Hirsbrunner-Miesen and Laura Anderson), our farrier, Martin Roche, and his longtime sponsors Rudy and Diane King.

Good luck on your journey, dear friend.

  • Registered Name: Beau Tinos Star
  • Foaling Date: April 27, 1986
  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • Height: 15.1 Hands High
  • Color: Red Dun
  • Markings: Dorsal Stripe, Small Star
  • Former Owner: Margaret Green Mejicano (Donation)
  • Arrived at Three Gaits: December 2004
  • School Horse Specialty: Helping riders learn to walk, trot, and canter independently.
  • Previous Life: Beau was used in English riding lessons with his owner. He also took her on lots of trail rides.
  • Did you know?: Beau is one of our chestnut horses. You can tell him apart in the herd because he has a dorsal stripe (like Nora!)


Photograph at top courtesy of Shorthorse Studios

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