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October 2018:  Every horse that comes to Three Gaits becomes part of our family. One horse in particular came into our lives and with her big heart, kind eyes and gentle demeanor, swept us all away. Everyone who met Ava fell in love with her. She had a way, despite her height, to be welcoming to riders and volunteers alike. Her previous training and personality made her a one in a million - a rare horse that instantly becomes trusted by staff, volunteers and riders. In her short time with Three Gaits, she gave riders the confidence to trot and canter independently; she helped riders learn to make good decisions, work as a team, and feel empowered in themselves. I personally loved how her lip would quiver when she knew a treat was coming. She was an amazing horse, both under saddle and on the ground - even though she was so powerful, she had a way to make herself the size of her rider.

Friday night, October 26, 2018, well after night check was complete, Ava passed away. When we arrived in the morning, we instantly knew that Ava had passed. We asked our vet to come out to the farm to help provide answers. She believes that Ava had a large blood vessel rupture in her lungs, the cause is unknown but it is extremely sad and rare. We can only be comforted with our beautiful memories and the knowledge that she did not suffer. Her stall was not disturbed, she had a big dinner in her belly and lots of love in her heart. Ava has left a big hole not only in my heart but in the heart of Three Gaits. We are so appreciative to Kim Allhouse for letting Ava be a part of Three Gaits. Ava touched so many lives in her short time with us.

  • Foaling Date: April 14, 2005
  • Breed: Thoroughbred/Percheron
  • Height: 16.3 Hands High
  • Color: Bay
  • Markings: Star, one sock
  • Owner: Kim Allhouse (Lease)
  • Arrived at Three Gaits: February 2018
  • School Horse Specialty: Ava is a big girl with even a bigger heart. Her calm and predictable gaits and demeanor make her a favorite from the moment she arrived.
  • Did you know?: Ava is leased to Three Gaits by a Kim Allhouse who is doing a internship after vet school in Texas.  Her favorite pastime is receiving attention from her adoring fans by a one on one grooming or hand grazing out on the lawn.


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