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If you have or know of a horse that you think may be suitable for Three Gaits, please fill out the following form and e-mail it to Three Gaits:

Horses that live at Three Gaits are either:

  • Leased to Three Gaits, meaning that the horse's owner lends their horse to the program but maintains ownership of the horse, or
  • Donated directly to the program. Since Three Gaits is a non-profit, the donation of a horse can be tax-deductible.

Once we receive your questionnaire we will give you a call. During this discussion, we determine if your horse seems appropriate for our program, we schedule a time to come and visit you and your horse. From there we will arrange for the horse to be transported to Three Gaits to have our veterinarian meet and evaluate the horse, and begin a trial period (30 days for leased horses and 90 days for donated horses).

During the trial period, we expose the horse to the many toys, games and activities that they will encounter at Three Gaits. We work with them to see how they stand quietly for different styles of mounting and dismounting, by ramps and mounting blocks and to see how they tolerate the mistakes of a beginning rider or a loss of balance. We also evaluate whether they seem to adapt to the lifestyle of working with many different people each day.

Again, thank you for considering your horse as a potential mount for Three Gaits riders. We appreciate your consideration and are touched that you thought of Three Gaits as a potential home for your horse.



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