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As we say goodbye to summer and welcome fall we also welcome a new Horse of the Month!

Three Gaits' Instructor Betsy Kelley offers her thoughts on September's Horse of the Month, Belle:

I've known Belle since she came to WI in 2005 for a friend's daughter to event and ride in Pony Club. Previously, Belle had been a foxhunter and didn't really understand why people would jump over painted poles in an arena, or go around and around in circles. Belle and her owner stuck it out and even went to college together at Mt Holyoke.

After college, Belle came back to Wisconsin and went back to Pony Club, but this time with a different rider. Belle taught her new partner to canter and jump and quickly became a favorite at any Pony Club camp or meeting. Belle was given a long and unexpected vacation after experiencing her first injury preparing for a Pony Club rating. After careful rehab, the vet recommended changing careers and I encouraged Belle’s owner to consider Three Gaits.

In July of 2014, Belle was generously donated to Three Gaits by previous owner Melissa Huggins. The first day at her new home Belle walked into the arena at Three Gaits and went right to work. It seemed to us that she was grateful to have a job again and enjoyed all the attention from volunteers and riders. Her manners were outstanding, her attitude was great, and everyone wanted to ride her in every class! That might have been part of the problem, she was too good at her job — and her old injury flared up.

Finally after a long period of stall rest, Belle is now able to carry the smallest riders as she eases back to work. Three Gaits is working closely with the vet to make sure she has just the right workload, just the right turnout situation, and just the right job description so she can stay happy and sound for years to come. She has been such an important asset to Three Gaits and truly one of those rare horses that can do almost every job on the farm. We're so glad to have her back in class!

You can pick out Belle in the herd by her beautiful buckskin coat, black mane and white star, snip and white sock on her right hind foot.

Want to Get Belle a Present?

Belle and all of our horses always appreciate a bottle of fly spray.

Belle's Sponsor

Three Gaits in incredibly grateful for Belle’s sponsor the Wisconsin Horse Council and the continuous support from her previous owner Melissa Huggins.




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