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With November comes a new horse of the month...and this month's horse is Beauty!

Beauty arrived at Three Gaits after having been a lesson horse for the UW Hoofers Riding Program. (They retired her from the program because she didn't like to jump, but she came highly recommended by people who knew her through her participation in the Hoofer's day camp program.) Three Gaits had to apply and go through a selection process before being approved - our proposal was titled "A New Home for Beauty."

Beauty arrived at Three Gaits in May 2016, days before our instructor workshop and certification, and immediately fit into the program. Sensitive but not reactive, she is very versatile. Beauty can teach a rider to canter independently, and yet is also used in therapy sessions due to her rhythmical walk. Her trot is most often described as fun - providing enough bounce to help riders to post without throwing them out of the saddle.

One of our favorite stories about Beauty involves a little boy who has a special relationship with Beau. Unfortunately, Beau was not available one week when this rider arrived for his lesson, and he was scheduled to ride Beauty instead. He mounted Beauty, but was softly crying as he processed the change. As he was riding Beauty he, between sniffles, informed us "Beauty...is not...beautiful."

We all had to smile, and pat this special girl, because by the end of the lesson she had won him over - and we all knew that she really is quite beautiful, inside and out!

Beauty's wish list includes the following:

  • A farrier appointment - $150
  • Breakaway halter - $30
  • 75" Waterproof sheet - $80

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