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JULY 2017

Which horse has been at Three Gaits for most of her life? Nora!

Which horse has done every activity we've offered during all those years - driving, hippotherapy, therapeutic riding, day camp? Nora!

While she may have a few quirks and may be the object of more than one tall tale, Nora has been the quiet star of Three Gaits show for many years. Of our current group, she's also participated in more horse shows at Three Gaits than any of the others - with staff, volunteers and program riders.

Nora takes her time in life, which gives her riders a few more seconds to process directions and get organized. Her walk keeps bodies challenged, her trot has just the right bounce, but not too much. Once she decides you're one of "her people," she'll show you she's happy to see you and she'll do almost anything you ask. If you're not one of "her people" yet, she'll train you if she thinks you're worthy!

Donated by Ginny Ellis in 2003, Nora arrived as a youthful 6 year old and almost immediately went to work.

Every instructor and therapist has said, at least once, "I wish we had another one like Nora" but while we've tried out several other Fjords, none has ever come close.

Nora's Sponsor

Thanks to Nora's long-time sponsors Rob & Mary Gooze for their support of this special horse!

Want to Get Nora a Gift?

If you'd like to help Nora celebrate being the horse of the month in July, it's easy - share a story, give her a friendly scratch during lessons or donate to Three Gaits! (Nora requires some additional care with her feeding and is periodically on a costly medication, Ulcerguard, for her stomach ulcers.)

Thanks for helping us celebrate Nora!


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