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JUNE 2017

Poor Willie! It's already June and we haven't announced him as our horse of the month. If you're out at the barn and have the chance to visit with him - please help us make it up to him that we missed the first week of his month! He loves attention of almost any sort - pets, scratches, a good grooming or snacks are always appreciated!

Willie arrived at Three Gaits in December of 2012 as a donation from Klaus Biesenthal. In his earlier years, Willie was taught to drive and was used for combined driving, but then spent some time at Klaus' farm in Freeport, IL learning the art of dressage.

Willie is a playful, smart, talented, young-at-heart pony that we've come to appreciate. His sturdy build and short stature make him a nice size for our riders and volunteers and his quick to learn attitude makes him fun to teach new things in lessons. (Even though he's a German riding pony he seems to have a strong aptitude for the infamous "cow game" often played in lessons.)

Want to Get Willie a Gift?

Willie is what's known as an "easy keeper" - he loves grass but his body doesn't know what to do with all those extra calories - so he spends a lot of the summer with a grazing muzzle on. Some people think it looks mean to make him wear it, but we're hoping that wearing a muzzle will help keep him healthy and happy for many years to come. Unfortunately, Willie is a very clever pony and needs a new muzzle once or twice a year. If you would like to help him - he could use a "tough 1, easy breathe, grazing muzzle."

Willie's Sponsor

Willie is one of the few horses at Three Gaits that does not currently have a sponsor. If you're interested in learning more about Three Gaits sponsorship program, or about Willie, please contact our Executive Director, Dena Duncan.


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