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AHA Inc. Presents
Hippotherapy Treatment Principles - Part 2

Hippotherapy Workshop
September 6-9, 2019
at Three Gaits

NOTE: Workshop has been canceled due to lack of participants

Workshop Brochure

Carol Huegel, PT, HPCS
Lesley Lautenschlager, MS, OTR, HPCS

This curriculum is the follow up to AHA, Inc. Treatment Principles - Part I, with an emphasis on patient treatment and more advanced equine knowledge necessary for hippotherapy as an equine discipline. Lecture, discussion, collaborative work and actual patient treatment occur over 4 days.

Subjects include: recognizing desirable conformation, soundness, and movement qualities of the therapy horse; training, conditioning and monitoring of the therapy horse; understanding optimization of the therapy horse for a patient treatment; with emphasis on safety principles. Students will learn to identify and convey to the horse handler the necessary skills required to produce quality movement in the hippotherapy horse in patient treatment and understand the need to educate and train staff and/or volunteers who will be working with the therapy horse.

This curriculum is designed to provide and facilitate a problem solving treatment approach, using actual patients currently involved in hippotherapy as part of their physical, occupational or speech therapy treatment plan. Practical applications of the AHA Conceptual Framework, including Dynamic Systems and Motor Learning Principles will be facilitated.

Treatments will be videotaped and reviewed with discussion and instructor feedback to analyze and further advance the learning experience. Content will include information necessary to successfully incorporating equine movement as a treatment tool into therapy practice. The learning outcomes will be assessed during participation in active learning activities, learner demonstration of skills during practicums, and class discussions and small group work.

Registration Information

  • Early registration on or before August 16, 2019.

See Workshop Brochure for more details and registration form.


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