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Your donation helps us continue the programs at Three Gaits.
Thank you for your contributions!

All gifts to Three Gaits, Inc. are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Three Gaits is a non-profit 501(c)3, tax-exempt corporation. You will receive an acknowledgment letter for your records.

Cash Donation

To make a cash donation via check or online:

  • Send your check (payable to: Three Gaits, Inc.) to:

    Three Gaits
    P.O. Box 153
    Oregon, WI 53575

    (use this printable Donation Form PDF to designate a special purpose for your gift)
  • Send a secure payment online via PayPal using the following button (you do not need a PayPal account):

Wish List

There are other ways to help out as well. The following is a list of items Three Gaits can use to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Please note: We unfortunately cannot accept the following as donations: Used helmets (must be new), trophies/ribbons, or magazines (equine or other). Please call ahead if you have used tack to donate.

Our Office:

  • Kirby "The Ultimate G" Vacuum cleaner bags
  • Furnace filters (20"x20"x1")
  • Plastic utensils (any amount)
  • Paper plates
  • Paper napkins
  • 8 oz. Insulated cups
  • Post-it notes; 4x6 line-ruled, 3x3 and 1 1/2x2, any & all colors
  • Highlighters
  • White and Colored Copy paper, letter size (pastels & bright colors), any amount
  • White and colored card stock, letter size (pastels & bright colors), any amount
  • Legal size card stock
  • Envelopes - No. 10, left window, self-sealing, security tint, Staples Item #511290
  • Avery labels (#5160 or #5660)
  • Staples' letter size hot laminating pouches
  • Toilet paper
  • Front loading washing machine (commercial grade?)
  • Large, sturdy garbage bags
  • Laundry detergent, softener, bleach, dryer sheets for horse blankets and wraps
  • 12 oz. plastic (recyclable) cups
  • Heavy duty file folders with reinforced tabs
  • Paper clips, standard & jumbo sizes, nonskid okay, non-coated
  • Correction tape, any brand
  • Garbage bags; 39 gal., 30 gal. and 13 gal.

Around the barn:

  • Leather cleaner/saddle soap
  • Shavings/bedding
  • Pitchforks (plastic or metal)
  • Large plastic rake (leaf/lawn type)
  • Mats for stalls/aisle
  • Cross-ties with quick release snaps
  • Large totes, heavy duty with latch for storage of horse blankets
  • Heavy duty extension cords 25ft., 50ft. and 100ft.

On the farm:

  • (2) pair large garden shears (capable of cutting thick, woody weed stalks)
  • Fencing materials (including wood fence posts)
  • Grass seed
  • 4 Wheel/Gator
  • Brush/bush hog (to pull behind tractor) - to mow fields
  • Post hole digger (to use with tractor)
  • Large Heavy duty Garden tractor/mower - to mow lawn, pull small arena drag, pull wagon for garden/hay/feeding horses
  • Chains for tractor & garden tractor tires (for snow & ice)
  • Plow (Snow) that could attach to tractor for winter
  • New tractor $25,000+/-
  • Load of gravel $200
  • Gift certificate to install energy efficient light bulbs for barn, arena and office. (Three Gaits would like to purchase since they are very specific types.)

Program needs:

  • A new saddle for Nora ($1500), Three Gaits would like to choose the saddle
  • Child size Wintec Saddle
  • English Saddles (please contact us first to get the current needs)
  • Bareback pads
  • Surcingle (Therapeutic 10" Triangle-Multi-Sided Surcingle, $299, from FreedomRider.com)
  • Snaffle bits - with double or single joint (5" - 5-3/4")
  • English saddle pads - dressage or A/P type saddles (new or in good condition)
  • English reins (new)
  • Games/toys that can be used in classes
  • New cones

For our riders:

  • Helmets (must be new)
  • Donations to scholarship fund

Remembering our four-legged friends:

  • Hoof trim for one program horse $50
  • Shoeing for one program horse $120
  • 1 bag horse feed $19, lasts two days
  • Acetyl-D $168 per year for one (older) program horse
  • Adequan (medication for equine arthritis)
  • 50 count box 6 cc disposable syringe (Valley Vet item #12963, $12.95)
  • 100 count box 1 1/2" x 20 ga needles (Valley Vet item #12952, $11.95) 
  • Bute powder or paste (equine anti-inflammatory)
  • Banamine paste
  • Dewormer 15 @ $10ea
    • Quest plus (moxidectin/praziquantel)
    • Panacur (fenbenazole)
    • Equimax (ivermectin and praziquantel)
  • Good quality grass & alfalfa hay (small bales only)
  • Apples and carrots
  • Annual check up for one program horse $35
  • New horse blanket $150 (contact Three Gaits for further information before purchasing)
  • Flat sided 5 gallon water buckets, any color, $10ea
  • Rein clips, $5/pr.
  • Rambo saddle pad, square, not white $35
  • Soft cotton lead rope, no bull snaps, $6 and up
  • (2) pony/cob size leather halters with throatlatch snap (Dover catalog # 0550, $27.90)
  • (2) horse size leather halters with throatlatch snap (Dover catalog # 0532, $29.90)
  • Cowboy Magic detangler
  • Clipper blades (new)
  • Someone who sharpens dull clipper blades
  • Mineral salt blocks for horses
  • Wet cat food
  • Dry cat food (seafood or fish flavor)
  • Sponsors for each of our program horses

Our instructors:

  • CPR and first aid re-certification instructors or gift certificates to certifying agencies
  • Instructor certification $500

Gift cards to:

  • Staples/Office Depot
  • Home Depot/Menards/Ace/True Value
  • Farm & Fleet
  • Target/Wal-Mart
  • Local grocery stores
  • Local tack shops
  • Mounds or other pet food stores
  • Kwik Trip (to purchase gasoline for lawn mowers)

Horse Sponsorship

Many of the remarkable accomplishments of our riders would not be possible without our special equine partners. Did you know that it costs over $5,000 a year for the care and maintenance of each of our program horses, including such essentials as feed, veterinary care and medical expenses? Your support makes sure our horses are ready for our riders! 

Consider a sponsoring a Three Gaits program horse!  Horse sponsorships are added to the funds set aside exclusively for the care of our program horses.

Horse Sponsorship Information

Horse Donation or Lease

It would be impossible for Three Gaits to provide any equine activities without the generosity of the many people who have shared their horses. As valued members of the team, Three Gaits' horses' happiness and well being is our priority. We have guidelines that we follow in evaluating prospective horses for our riding program that lead us to select horses that are ideally suited to their job at Three Gaits.

Horse Selection Guidelines

Used Tack

If you have used tack to donate, please call ahead or email Three Gaits to assure that we can use it now or in the near future. If we can accept your donation, we will provide you a letter to confirm your donation for tax purposes, please list the tack you donate with the address you would like a letter sent to.

All items donated need to be serviceable. Items cannot be moldy or extremely dirty, broken or missing pieces because it affects the quality and safety of the equipment. NO magazines, ribbons or trophies please. If Three Gaits cannot use the tack you donate, we will sell it and use the money towards items needed in our program.


When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Three Gaits Inc. Bookmark the link http://smile.amazon.com/ch/39-1472538 and support us every time you shop.  Note: If you wish to ship directly to Three Gaits through Amazon, please use this shipping address: Three Gaits, Inc. 3741 Highway 138 W Stoughton WI 53589 (note the space between 138 and W). Please continue to use our PO Box for regular mail.

Bill's Food Center

Bill/s Food Center in Oregon has a community organization assistance program. If you  shop at Bill's and have the cashier put a sticker on the receipt, and give the receipt to Three Gaits, we can turn the receipts in and get a donation.


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